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There’s absolutely nothing new about utilizing joint ventures to get traffic to sites. And great info is freely readily available from many online marketing websites on how to set up JVs. Expert Secrets Goodreads

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This short article is for the 97% of webmasters who aren’t aware of a particularly powerful JV partner who currently exists, and is willing to work with you.
Prior to I reveal all, let me simply check … Like me, I would image you ‘d be happy if:
Your JV partner’s website gets huge traffic.
The vast bulk of page views are by targeted traffic.
You can create links any place YOU like from their website.
You can begin now. There’s no hold-up in establishing the JV.
The JV continues as long as you desire.
It costs you cents to set up and run.
Does that sound like it’s what you’re searching for in a JV?
If so, welcome to eBay. You’re new joint venture partner.
However I Idea …” eBay?” I hear you ask, “Isn’t eBay simply an auction site?”
Well, it definitely began as an auction site. Today, eBay is an ecommerce phenomenon.
eBay’s 1.5 billion page views puts it in sixth place on Alexa traffic rankings. Ahead of Amazon, AOL and CNN.
eBay members make 79 million targeted look for products each day.
There are 35,000 classifications within which to place items for sale.
There are eBay auction sites in 27 countries.
eBay has 125 million registered users.
40,000 new members sign up with eBay each day.

What we have here is an extremely effective internet organisation with enormous traffic. And, thanks to eBay’s sophisticated categorization and searching systems, the traffic is absolutely targeted.
There are several smart ways to drive eBay’s targeted traffic to your own website. All of these smart approaches amount to what I call the eBay Traffic Funnel.
Does it work? Well, I offer a communications item from my site. I run 5 basic auctions in the proper categories utilizing the principles of the eBay Traffic Funnel. Each auction costs me 30 cents and runs for a week. I get around 300 targeted leads from these auctions to my website every week. Not bad for one dollar fifty!
Let me reveal you just one of the methods to get hold of that targeted traffic …
Sell, Sell, Sell
Of all, you make eBay part of your marketing mix. You start selling your products on eBay.

Why do I state this? Well, eBay isn’t just for mother and pop services any longer. IBM, Disney, Motorola, Xerox and Dell, are just a few of the significant corporates that now utilize eBay as an additional sales and lead generation channel.

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Producing eBay auctions is simple. Anybody can do it– literally. If you do not want to learn, you can utilize a Trading Assistant. These are eBay specialists who will develop, run and handle auctions on behalf of others for a portion of sales or a little cost.
When you set up your auction one of the decisions you make is in which classification to position your product. Visitors to your auction page– just by being there– have self certified themselves as being in the market to buy products in that category.
In your auction page, make sure you inform your audiences that if they have actually any concerns about your auction, your products or your policies, they need to email you. And encourage them to do this by having a live email link in your auction, like this one [email protected]

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As quickly as they reach you, you have actually acquired a targeted lead you wouldn’t have actually got any other way. You can start developing a relationship. You can get them on your list, direct them to your site and begin offering to them.
Pieces of 8

I’ve only the area to show you one method which you can direct your share of eBay’s targeted traffic to your site. There are eight methods total. If you want to know the other seven, you’ll find them in my totally free ebook ‘The eBay Traffic Funnel’.
Setting up a JV with eBay can produce substantial outcomes. There isn’t another organisation on the internet that offers you access to the targeted traffic eBay materials for the cost of a few cents. Best of all, 97% of webmasters have yet to understand the power of this.
The chance for you and your website is there for the taking.

I run 5 easy auctions in the proper categories using the principles of the eBay Traffic Funnel. These are eBay specialists who will produce, run and manage auctions on behalf of others for a percentage of sales or a little cost.Expert Secrets Goodreads

I have actually just the area to reveal you one way in which you can direct your share of eBay’s targeted traffic to your site. If you desire to understand the other 7, you’ll find them in my complimentary ebook ‘The eBay Traffic Funnel’.
There isn’t another company on the web that provides you access to the targeted traffic eBay materials for the cost of a few pennies.

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